5 Ways to Prepare for Going to Federal Prison

Dan Wise had no idea what to expect when preparing for his federal prison sentence. He could not

be practical with preparation because his mind was fixated with terrifying imagery from fictitious

novels and Hollywood films. After surrendering he realized he wasted too much time being

concerned with what his life was going to be like while incarcerated, and did not spend enough

time being practical with preparation. Dan wishes he had known the following five important

elements to help him prepare for a federal prison sentence. He is happy to share this advice

with you, and encourages you to reach out with any questions you may have.

Research Federal Prison

Watching films on prison life will not help you. Reading stories from people who have been there

will help educate you about actual life in a federal prison. Talking with an expert, like RDAPDAN

would also be an important first step to prepare yourself.  Seeking counsel from an expert who

has documented their journey through federal prison is one of the best ways to mentally prepare


Get your Personal Finances in Order

Dan recommends that you appoint a financial manager to keep your finances in order while

away. This could be a spouse, a close friend, an accountant, or an attorney. This is also the

person who will ensure you have money for commissary.

Take Care of All Medical and Dental Problems Prior To Going to Federal Prison

If needed, substandard medical, dental and vision care are available in federal prison. Know

that you will have to wait for the services and cannot rely on them for long-term health. Best to

take care of your body before being incarcerated.

Start Exercising Before Going to Federal prison

There will be time to exercise in Federal Prison, and because of this many white-collar prisoners

get hurt immediately after they surrender. When a person goes from no exercise to exercising

all day, every day, it puts a strain on the body. Work your way into exercise. Start before you

begin serving your federal prison sentence.

Set Goals for your Time in Federal Prison

It is critical to have a purpose and a goal to aim for while serving time in a federal prison.

Learning a new trade or profession, growing mentally, spiritually, and/or physically stronger.

These are all great goals while incarcerated. Keeping yourself busy with growing as a human

will give you purpose, and something to look forward to once released.

Are you facing federal prison time?

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