Federal Prison Time

Meet Dan Wise

Dan Wise is one of the top Federal Prison Consultants in the US. He went from dirt-poor trailer park to federal inmate, and now, to successful Federal Prison Consultant. Dan started his now wildly popular YouTube channel with the intention of sharing his own experience as a Federal defendant. Over time, Dan’s federal prison consulting YouTube channel attracted a following, and Federal Prison Time Consulting, LLC became an outlet for Dan’s passion around helping others who travel through the federal justice system.


Dan’s Approach

Dan’s believes that every federal defendant should have reasonable access to consulting services that can impact their future in major ways. His clients vary in income levels, and he enjoys working with both white collar and blue collar defendants.

His approach with clients may be described as tough love. Dan delivers honest, to-the-point information and doesn’t allow his clients to do a lot of ruminating in a victimized mentality. “Clients generally hear plenty of the warm and fuzzy stuff from their family and friends. I’m on board to give honest answers, and to assist clients in taking control of their future through specific actions and mindset change.” Dan’s clients are expected to put in the work, and he’s there to support them along the way.


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